Good News
Web Designers Association

GNWDA was a community of Christians supporting each other as we worked in professional or volunteer capacity building the web. Membership consisted mainly in discussion on our "WebServants" listserv, which was lively and active from about 2000 to 2010. Activity tapered off from then, and the group was finally shut down April 20, 2019.

This page remains as a memorial to a group that was a major contributor to the personal and professional development of many of us and a place of fellowship, especially in the days before social media when much of the web was still built by individual webmasters. In imitation of our master, we strove to be webservants.

Terry Modica, the founder of GNWDA, can be found at Good News Ministries. Joshua Paine, the director of GNWDA in its later years, can be found at LetterBlock.