The Good News Web Designers Association
An ecumenical network of Christian "WebServants"
Fulfilling the mission of Christ through the ministry of well-designed websites



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Our Mission Statement


The Good News Web Designers Association is an ecumenical community of Christian webmasters who are interested in sharing questions, answers and other resources in the field of Web design, while continually learning to improve our websites for the sake of effective evangelization.

We are a Roman Catholic ministry without preaching Catholicism or making judgments about the beliefs and worship of other Christians, welcoming people of all denominations on the common ground of our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

As a Christian ministry, no member is allowed to attack or critize or preach against the teachings of other denominations. We use this community forum only to encourage one another in the use of our web design skills to proclaim the Good News to all the world.

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  1. are Christ-serving Web designers and Webmasters of all Christian denominations who network with each other via the "WebServants" e-group (email community);
  2. believe in the importance of good website content, design, text, graphics, and interactivity, and so help each other in this and learn from each other;
  3. use their skills to serve Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Not all of their websites are necessarily Christian in mission, but at least one is;
  4. do not do any webwork that contradicts the Bible, the Church, or the unconditional love of the true Christian lifestyle, nor attacks Catholicism or any other expression of Christianity;
  5. evangelize (reveal the love of God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit) whenever possible through their webwork.

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