Christian Website Owners:
Do not let your domain name(s) expire
or it is likely to be taken over by a porn dealer!

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There is a pornographic website based in Russia that is buying Christian domain names when they expire and automatically redirecting innocent visitors to their porn site! (They are also doing this with other types of expired domain names, including children's sites.)

This means that if you let your domain name expire:
(1) everyone who had listed your old URL in their favorites folder can become a victim;
(2) every search engine that had picked up your URL is still listing it as your Christian site, and anyone who clicks on it will be sent to the porn site;
(3) every Christian directory or website that still has a link to your old URL is sending people to the porn site;
(4) web-rings that included your site are leading people to porn;
(5) you are now inadvertently a purveyor of pornography!

Who is doing this?

The "RussX Casting Corp." in Russia, in conjunction with "eee X Hosting" in California, is the new owner of Christian domain names that have expired and been taken over by the pornographers. This information shows up in the "whois" database of any domain name registrar, when a search is made of the domain names affected.

How is this happening?

They do what's called "data mining" of domain names to find out exactly when they expire and will become available.  They compile lists of domain names of websites that are not re-registered, check search engines and do link searches to see how many sites have links to that domain name. When they find that there are a lot of such links, they register the domain name themselves and turn it into a redirect for their porn sites.

How OFTEN is this happening?

Reports are coming in to the Good News Web Designers Association that indicate this is a common occurrence. So far, the types of sites being hit by this pornography company include: Christian ministry sites, Catholic Diocesan sites, Youth Ministry sites, children's sites, Christian web designers' own business sites, amusement parks.

What can you do about it?

REPORT IT: Contact every directory and search engine and website that has had links to your site and request that they remove the link because it's no longer valid.

When you explain the reason for your removal request to the search engines, they reportedly remove it and ban it. For example, write to to report it. They will check it out.

To find out what other sites have links to yours (this is not all-inclusive), go to and type in the domain name.  This search result will give you an option called "Find web pages that link to (your site)". Contact those sites to have your link removed.

However, there is no way of finding every place where you site has been linked. It's possible that many people have links on their sites to yours, without permission, simply because they liked you. 

Often, you can buy your old domain name back from the new owner, but they are typically ransoming such domain names for "no less than $500."

PREVENTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION: It is well worth the $35 (or less!) a year to maintain ownership. Protect your domain name!

SPREAD THE WORD: Please tell everyone you know that if they decide to take a site offline, and if their site has been receiving a high number of visitors and many links to it, they run a high risk of this happening to them also.

SEND A LETTER to the registrar that is selling the re-registrations to this porn company, asking them to take a stand and do something to stop the spread of porn to innocent web-visitors. is the registrar. Email them at The Good News Web Designers Association wrote such a letter and received this reply: "We have no involvement whatsoever in determining the domain name(s) registered, and do not have any opportunity to approve or disapprove of domain names as they are registered." IF ENOUGH PEOPLE BOMBARD THEM WITH REQUESTS, PERHAPS THEY WILL GET INVOLVED! All they need to do is look for themselves to verify that the Christian, children's, etc. domain names owned by their customer, the RussX Casting Corporation, are indeed going to porno sites, and they can refuse to accept any more business from them. Ask Bulkregister to cancel their account with RussX. This will not stop the porn dealers from finding a new registrar, but at least we can DO something -- make our voices heard -- instead of sitting idly by.

ICANN, the international body that regulates registrars and domain name registrations on the Internet, has developed the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy to address situations such as this. Send a letter to

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to write to GNWDA member Carole Martin, our resident expert on this.

If you can contribute to the information provided on this page, write to the GNWDA Administration Team.


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