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This resource is a ministry of Catholic Web Designer and founder of the Good News Web Designers Association, Terry Modica (see her bio). She is available to come to your parish to give workshops on how to evangelize through your website, for your staff, parish organizations and ministries (see below).
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ANSWER Question: How much time should be budgeted for an in-house parish website manager? How much time is needed to maintain the site after the initial development is complete?

ANSWER Question: What skills should we look for when choosing an in-house website manager who will maintain our site? What kind of work should he/she be able to do? What's involved in maintaining a site?

ANSWER Question: What topics will attract visitors to our church site?

ANSWER Question: What should we include on our church site?



Website Workshop:
"Meeting Your Ministry Goals Online"

  • For staff, leaders, and PR persons of the ministries and parish organizations who want to have an active presence on the website.
  • Covers what they can do to reach the goals of their work and missions via the website.
  • Participants bring to the workshop potential documents, photos, and other materials for review regarding their usefulness for the website's ministry.
  • Participants leave with a better understanding of how their submitted materials can be used on the website and what else they might want to provide for the website.
  • Proposed Workshop Schedule:
    9:00 - Opening Prayer Service
    9:15 - The Changing World: Connectivity
    9:30 - Group sharing: How has the internet helped me?
    9:45 - Analyzing Our Goals in View of a Connected Church
    10:00 - Worksheet: How can the internet help my ministry?
    10:30 - Group sharing: Ideas spawned by the workshop
    10:45 - Q&A
    11:00 - Closing Prayer
  • Workshop can be repeated in the afternoon for others to attend. Determine the number of workshops based on what it takes to accommodate all ministries.
  • Fee = $100 per workshop

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