Remove Those Annoying "SmartTag" Links
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Has your web surfing become too full of advertising links (called "Smart Tags")? Fed up with seeing text as links to advertisers (maybe even porn sites!)?

If you're seeing words being highlighted on the webpages you visit -- which are links that the website designer did not put there that take you off the site -- you've inadvertently installed on your computer the software that does it. It piggy-backed secretly on a program you chose to download.

The most likely program you downloaded it with is KaZaA, a NAPSTER-style file-sharing program. A few other culprits are eZula, Gator, and Surf+ (which supposedly has ceased doing this).

Here's how to uninstall the Smart Tag program (which is appropriately nicknamed "scumware") in Windows:

  1. Go to START > Settings > Control Panel
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs
  3. Select the culprit: TopText, HOTtext, DesktopDollars, or a variation of TopText.
  4. Click uninstall.
  5. A confirmation window will pop-up. Click OK
  6. Restart your computer.

There is also an uninstall program for TopText, made by "Mephisto," that you can download. It's a 590kb zip file. Just download it, unzip it, then run it:


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