How do you create webpages with Flash? (Part 2)

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Q: I downloaded SWISH and created a simple "welcome to our church" movie in about 10 minutes! Now here's another question: Does the .SWI file have to be inserted into an HTML document, just like a .GIF ? ~ Mike

In order to incorporate a SWISH file into your website, you need to go into FILE and click on "Export to SWF" (or hit CTRL E), which changes the SWISH file into a usable Flash file. This is, btw, a whole lot smaller of a file. You also need to go into FILE and click on Publish (or hit CTRL P), to publish your flash. ~ Carole

SWISH will generate the required HTML code in it's own HTML file and the SWF (FlashPlayer) file for you by using the PUBLISH command. All you need do is copy the HTML code into your page, then copy the SWF file to your web pages directory. Just make sure the Publish options include creating the HTML code. And when you copy the HTML code, make sure your paths are correct so the browser can find the SWF file. ~ Jack

I highly recommend SWISH as well... fast, easy to use, versatile. I am building a new site and use a SWISH-generated intro made of 3 scenes. It would have taken me forever to do it in Flash, but about 3/4 hour in SWISH.

And the price is right too. The new version (beta, as of March 2001) is very promising as well, although it seems to crash just when you don't want it too. A lesson in saving a file after every change. ~ Brad

Q: I have seen a lot of sites with "turn sound off / on" features in their flash. I know how to put events in Swish or Flash, and I know how to play a sound in general, but how do you activate or de-activate the sound? ~ Russ

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