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There are so many Web hosting companies to choose from, how do you find the right one for you? If you're not satisfied with your current host, should you switch to a new one?

Below are Web hosting companies that offer special packages to GNWDA members.

I cannot guarantee your satisfaction with any of them, because your needs are different than mine, and I cannot predict the future. Life on the Internet is always changing. Services improve and sometimes deteriorate over time. But where they are members of the Good News Web Designers Association, I can vouch for their faith-based attitudes and their ecumenical spirit and their love for the Lord, since this is integral to their membership in the GNWDA.

Lookup by monthly price for x megabytes of space:
All Free - Witness Today
$5.95 100mb Webs4Christ
200mb Epsilon
$8.95 225mb ChristianHosting
$10.83 100mb Inigo
$15.50 100mb e-HostPro
$45.00 100mb Y4H Designs

Do you own a web hosting company? Offer a special package to members of the GNWDA and we'll post it here!

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a host; if you don't see the information you need in the company's list of services, email them about it:

  • Fast connectivity: Are the company's servers riding on the backbone of the Internet or does it have an extra layer or two?
  • POP email accounts: Will you and your staff/clients need separate email addresses? How many? Using aliases, you can usually set up lots of addresses that forward mail to people's regular ISP address (e.g., and to a single POP account on your domain (e.g.,, but if you have only one POP account, only you can download the mail directly from the domain address into your email software.
  • Web-based email: Will anyone using domain addresses need to read their mail while traveling or from home instead of the office? How many features does the company offer in their web-based mail program? Compare it to something like hotmail.
  • Mailing lists: Will you use your website as a means of communication to get information out to church members or other subscribers? If so, choose a host that is not giving you shared server space but instead will give you your domain its own IP address. If your mailing list is run off a shared server (such as in the case of cPanel), when a spammer uses this server and gets blacklisted, you will be blacklisted, too.
  • Tech support: Can you get help by phone? Is it a toll free number? Most companies provide support tickets through their websites, but what if their site goes down? (It happens!) And is tech support available 24/7?
  • What's tech support good for? Do they only fix problems caused by their servers? Or are they willing to help you when you've made a mistake and you don't know why your script isn't working? It's not fair to ask them for a lot of such help, but do they have an attitude of service or do they prefer to charge extra?
  • Disaster recovery: How often does the company backup everything on its servers? Do they keep these backups on the same server? How often do they siphon them off for safe storage elsewhere? Do they provide you with an easy way to backup everything on your site as an extra precaution?
  • Up-time: How often do the sites go down? What measures does the company have in place to prevent down-time? Do they have mirrored servers so that when one needs repairs, the other keeps your site up?
  • Resellers or developers: Is the company a reseller of someone else's hosting services? Or do they develop their own packages and special features? Sometimes resellers have more to offer than developers, and sometimes developers offer more flexibility in working with your needs.
  • Control panel: Does the company have a demo you can see before you sign up? I'll never sign up blindly again; if there is no demo, it could mean the control panel is crummy. How many features does the control panel put at your fingertips? How easy is it to figure out?
  • Knowledge base: Does the company site include a how-to manual to help you use the features it provides? How easy is it to use? Is it searchable?

Web hosting companies
offering special hosting packages to members of the GNWDA

Owned by GNWDA member Dan Frydman.
"We're a Christian run company and want to help serve the GNWDA group as best we can."

To order, contact hosting @, identify your GNWDA username, ask for the GNWDA discount.

Price of GNWDA package:
Non-profit members: $130/year (non-members $150)
Commercial members: $150/year (non-mbrs $180)

User Features
100 Mb of webspace (flexible)
10 POP email accounts
Unlimited email redirects
Unlimited email aliases/forwards
Configurable Autoresponders

Extra Features
Discussion Forums
Web based email
Java chat facility
Online help manual
24/7 email support
Backups facility

Technical Features
Red Hat Linux 6.1 Operating System
   - Highly stable operating system
   - 99.9% up-time
Analog Web Analyzer graphical stats
Apache Web Server 1.3.14
   - Run high specification integrated databases
Telnet and SSH access

Allows running of
GNU C/C++ Compiler
Lynx Text-Based Browser
mod_perl for Apache
mod_php for Apache
MySQL Database
Python 1.5.2
Package includes
Majordomo List Server
POP3 + IMAP Server
proFTPd FTP Server
Sendmail SMTP Server
Vacation Auto-Responder
Spam filters
Extra cost options
MIVA Merchant store builder: $35 per month
DNS bind (attach extra domains):$30 one off cost

Domain name registration
.com / .net / .org / .info
$30 per annum or $50 for two years

Download more complete info: Word doc - PDF
See the Inigo Media website.

Owned by GNWDA member Kevin Davis.
"Y4H Designs is not a reseller, we maintain our own equipment. We're a smaller firm that isn't a
large host, and we like that identity."
To order, contact info @, identify your GNWDA username, ask for the GNWDA discount.
Pricing and Features for GNWDA members:
Basic Hosting:
$25/month (non-members $35/month)
$50 Setup Fee
• 50MB Storage
• 3GB Monthly Transfers
• 2 POP3 email accounts - 5 Aliases
Standard Hosting:
$45/month (non-members $55/month)
$75 Setup Fee
• 100MB Storage
• 9GB Monthly Transfers
• 4 POP3 email accounts - 10 Aliases
Corporate Hosting:
$65/month (non-members $75/month)
$100 Setup Fee
• 200MB Storage
• 3GB Monthly Transfers
• 6 POP3 email accounts - Unlimited Aliases
Technical Features
Extra Features Available - contact for pricing
Discussion Forums
Chat Rooms
Email support
Extensive Backup Solutions
Custom Programming and DB Applications
Extra cost options
Additional Bandwidth - $29.95/GB
Additional POP3 - $5/month/Account
Domain name registration
Download more complete info: Word doc - PDF
See the Y4H Designs website.


Owned by GNWDA member Bob Pickles.
"Our goal is to facilitate churches, Christian organizations, and businesses that put Christ first!"
To order, contact sales @
Pricing and Features
for church and personal ministries
(see other prices for business hosting)
Economy Package:
• 10MB Storage
• 1 POP email account
Starter Package:
• 225MB Storage
• 5 POP email accounts

Basic Package:
• 300MB Storage
• 10 POP email accounts

Advance Package:
• 350MB Storage
• 20 POP email accounts
User/Technical Features
Unlimited aliases
Daily Logs
Personal cgi-bin
FTP Access/Updates
Telnet Shell Access
JAVA & Perl 5
True High-Speed Bandwidth
UPS Protected Servers
Daily Tape backups
Christian domain names (see why)
Church web site starter templates
Web Tools (calendar, instant messenger, more)
Control Panel - see our demo:
Account ID: v4m123-admin
Password: Matthew724
Go ahead and mess around in the control panel to test it out, but please do not change the password!
For more complete info, visit our website.

Owned by GNWDA member Nora Kramer.

"I love working with other Christians."
To order, contact nora @, identify your GNWDA username, ask for the GNWDA discount.
Pricing and Features for GNWDA members:
No Setup Fees!
Basic Hosting:
$9.95/month ($10.95 for non-members)
• 20MB Storage
• 1500MB Monthly Transfers
• 5 POP3 email accounts
Value Hosting:
$15.50/month ($16.95 for non-members)
• 100MB Storage
• 3000MB Monthly Transfers
• 20 POP3 email accounts
Business Hosting:
$22.50/month ($24.95 for non-members)
• 150MB Storage
• 5000MB Monthly Transfers
• 40 POP3 email accounts
Commerce Hosting:
$36.00/month ($39.95 for non-members)
• 200MB Storage
• 8000MB Monthly Transfers
• 50 POP3 email accounts
User/Technical Features
Your Own IP Address
Web Based or POP3 email
Auto Responders
Shopping Cart
Search Engine Submission from Control Panel
Weekly Backups
Extra cost options
Additional Disk Space - $5 for extra 10MB per month
Additional Transfer - $15 per 1000MB per month
Domain Parking - $5 per month
Additional POP3 - $4/month for 10 extra accounts
Domain name registration
For more complete info, compare all plans at our GDWDA Special Rates page.

Owned by GNWDA member Paul Hester.
"I am a Christian that offers FREE web hosting services to other Christians."

To order, contact hostmaster @ Tell Paul you found out about him at the GNWDA site!

Price and Features of GNWDA package:
free! (non-members also free)

User Features
100MB of webspace (50 for non-members)
10 POP email accounts (5 for non-members)
Unlimited email aliases/forwards

Technical Features
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft IIS 6.0 Web Server
FrontPage access

Allows running of
SQL Server Database
Package includes
POP3 Server
SMTP Server
Web Server

Domain name registration
.com / .net / .org
free (also free for non-members)

See the Witness Today website.

Do you own a web hosting company? Offer a special package to members of the GNWDA and we'll post it here!

Owned by GNWDA member Robby S. Berthume.
To order, contact sales @ and identify your GNWDA username; ask for the GNWDA discount.
Price and Features:
No Setup Fees!
GNWDA members: Take 10% off the rates below

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3

Disc Space

200mb 500mb 2000mb

Bandwidth / Month

3000mb 6000mb 15000mb

Number of domains allowed 

2 5 25
E-mail Addresses 25 600 Unlimited

Monthly Price (U.S.)

$7.77 $11.77 $24.77
Quarterly Price (U.S.) $23.31 $35.31 $74.31

Annual Price (U.S.)

$93.24 $141.24 $297.24

User Features
100 MySQL databases
100 FTP Accounts
100 Subdomains
Control Panel
Private CGI-BIN
countless free scripts and software.

Technical Features
99.9% uptime, a secure location in Atlanta, Georgia, ultra fast servers, and outstanding documentation and customer support!
See the Epsilon Concepts website.

Owned by GNWDA member Toby (Wolf) Schneiter.
"There are 5 different shared hosting packages. I also offer reseller and dedicated server hosting to GNWDA members."

To order, contact toby @ Include your GNWDA member name as well as your URL.

Price and Features of GNWDA package:
Starts at $2.95 per month for ministries & churches
($3.95 a month for non-GNWDA members)

User Features
NO hard bandwidth limits
Unlimited POP e-mail accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains or add-on Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Mailman List Manager
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Backup Manager
FrontPage extensions
Web Forms
Web Site Control Panel (CPanel 7.4)
4 Web Site Stats Programs
Multimedia Capabilities
Free Cool Page Easy Web Site Builder
Client Services Area (Tools and information to enhance your website: 3,500+ graphic files, 100s of articles, software documentation, 5,000+ downloads, user forums and much more!)
Pre-installed advanced features (PhpNuke, 4Images Photo Gallery, Classified Ads, and more! )

Technical Features
Pentium 4 2.4 ghz Running Red Hat Linux
Over 99.8% server availability
24/7 Network Monitoring
Dual OC-48 Connections
Diverse Backbones
Cisco Routers
Daily Tape Backups of all database files
Weekly Complete Backups

See the comparison page at Webs 4 Christ.

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