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Posted by Ruth Viens of St. George Catholic Church

Do any of you have Youth Ministry/Youth Group type websites or know of any good ones you could point me to for some ideas? I've had a page for the Youth Group on our parish website since '98.

Posted by Sharon Hemmerly of smhDESIGN

I developed and maintain 3 church sites, all with youth ministries. What I have found is that it is hard to get the kids to participate online. They like games and music but rarely offer suggestions for what they would like to see. You have to try to strike a cord with them. Get them involved with the site is your best approach.

Posted by Brandon Jubar of ParishWebmaster

Tip #1: Get a core group of teens who will commit to being involved with the site.

Tip #2: Get the youth minister involved in planning a strategy. What does she hope to accomplish with the site? If all you are doing is trying to reach teens that are already active, she won't see much benefit from the extra work, and she'll lose interest before too long.

Tip #3: Put something new on the site every week and tell the teens about it through an eZine.

Posted by Carol Freed of Youth Ministry of Westside Church

I am a "graduated" parent of our 3 sons and helped their youth ministry when they were in high school. We feature a 360 degree picture of the inside of our youth center and skate park, pages of pictures of youth in our photo album, an online Bible, a new believer page, and the standard map to find us, contact us page and who we are page for our mission statement.

My biggest challenge is getting cooperation from youth staff for new ideas and updated pictures - you have to be a determined webmaster to find news. I want to add taking polls and bought a program but it is not working. I learned Front Page and used a template and the site improves as I learn more. I am very thankful for this GNWDA community site to network with others in this unique ministry!

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