How to Create Streaming Media Presentations
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Can you use a multimedia presentation to better convey your message? To inspire or to teach?

Streaming media is becoming more and more a part of the web surfing experience. If you need to enhance your website with sound that lasts more than a few seconds without taking forever to download, streaming audio is what you need.

The tutorials listed on the right focus on the streaming media provided by (However, we no longer recommend this product, as they now have a tendency of taking over your computer, shoving a lot of advertising in your face, and being a general pain in the neck. Microsoft's Media Player is far superior, and we're looking for someone to write a tutorial on it for this page; please send us the step-by-step instructions!)

If you use the "Real" media player, here's an example of what to include on your webpage to enable all your visitors to use your Real multimedia presentations:

The RealOne Player is required. For best quality, please make sure you're running the latest version. To get your free (basic) player, be sure to select "Download the Free RealOne Player Only" at If you have any problems playing our multimedia presentations, please go to the Help Pages.

MULTIMEDIA DOWNLOADS - RealPlayer One plays streaming audio and video, RealJukeBox lets you play and record digital music, Real SlideShow combines your pictures with music, RealPresenter turns PowerPoint slides or webpages into live  productions, and RealProducer converts your audio and video files into RealAudio and RealVideo.

QuickTime - Apple's software for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. Free version offered.

Media Player - This is the one that comes with Windows (Microsoft).


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